Contactless Delivery – Its importance and How to Implement it for Your Restaurant

Online Food Ordering System

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic has hit the entire world, a lot of changes have been made for the sake of safety and good health among various industries. The food industry is not an exception as well.

Although, like any other industry the pandemic has shaken the food or restaurant businesses also to its core. But with the sharp strategies and hard work this industry has bounced back well to its peak.

Amongst the multiple reasons behind the successful comeback of restaurant businesses, one of the most vital ones would be contactless delivery. Introducing online food ordering systems and opting for contactless delivery was a must for any restaurant to keep their business up and running during this tough time and it eventually did really well.

Although it was seemingly pretty tough and complex in the beginning, with time it opened up a completely new door for the restaurants to reach new heights.

Why is Contactless Delivery Important?

In one line, the major importance of contactless delivery is to ensure the safety of your customer’s health. And not only that, it eventually secures your employee’s health safety too.

Ever since the pandemic, people were bound to stay at home. It affected their food habits as well. As it was not possible to go out for dinner at your favorite place, or even after the pandemic was heading Downwards in the graph, people were skeptical about going out as it threatens their health factors. So what could be the best solution for this!!

Here comes the importance of contactless delivery for restaurants. In contactless delivery, the customers do not come in contact with the delivery person. They order their foods through online food ordering apps and make their payments online as well. Then the customers have to follow some steps to provide instructions for the delivery process and at last, the delivery person delivers the food at the specific spot as instructed by the customers. Once the order is delivered to the location, the customer is notified.

Contactless food delivery has already been adopted by many of the famous names of the restaurant industries, like – Dominos. It is a safe practice for restaurants to keep both their executives and customers secured.

How to Implement Contactless Delivery for Your Restaurant?

If you are a restaurant owner and looking forward to introducing no-contact food delivery for your customers, then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to briefly point out the major steps that you need to follow to implement contactless food delivery for your restaurant.

Step 1: Optimize Your Order Taking Process

The first and foremost step is to optimize the food ordering process for your restaurant. Firstly create a blueprint of the whole process of ordering, from the order placing to its delivery. Then analyze where and how you can manage the whole process to reduce the entire process timing. Find drawbacks and loopholes that might delay your process timing and make proper solutions for that. Make sure that the orders after placing are directly pushed into the kitchen. Keep track using your POS system and prioritize them based on the order timing and assign your delivery executive accordingly.

Step 2: Add Contactless Delivery Options

If you are using your own mobile app or online food ordering system for your restaurant, then you must add a contactless delivery option to your delivery system. Optimize your website or app accordingly to make it easier for your customers to place orders and give proper instructions for the delivery. Train your delivery executives as well to provide an optimum level of customer service.

Step 3: Optimize Online Restaurant Menu

According to multiple types of research, customers choose their restaurant for online ordering, based on the availability of food and pricing. So it is necessary to optimize your online menu for your customers.
A well-priced and creatively designed menu can attract more customers. Eliminate your non-performing food items from the list, keep the best performers at the top. Try introducing some good combo packs, offers, etc.

Step 4: Introduce Online Payment Options

To build a full-proof contactless food delivery system for your restaurant you must opt for the cashless payment option as well. So you should provide an online payment option for your customers. Optimize your ordering app or website accordingly for customers that support different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc.

Step 5: Collaborate with Online Food Aggregators

Third-party food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. can boost your restaurant business a lot. These platforms have already made changes in their entire food delivery operations. They ensure zero-contact delivery between their customers and delivery executives.

These platforms ensure safety and hygiene at their best. And as most people nowadays are ordering their foods through these portals, so getting your restaurant on board with them will help your business grow bigger and better.

Conclusion –

In order to keep your restaurant business up and running, you need to make changes to your entire process from food ordering to its delivery. Contactless delivery has already been accepted by the market well, and it might just be the future. So, if you are thinking of introducing no-contact delivery for your restaurant business, then I hope this article might help you to get a deeper insight into the subject.

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