7 Biggest Advantages of Using a QR Code Menu For Restaurants in 2022

QR Code Menu

Nowadays it is highly essential to go digital with your business. Digitalization gives your business an overall push in different aspects. 

In the post-pandemic era, health safety is highly concerned. People are now more inclined towards physical distancing and contactless restaurant operations. So businesses have to opt for techniques that meet the customer requirement and safety.

Restaurant businesses are the one that was the most affected sector during the pandemic and now it’s time to get back at their feet. Introducing a QR code menu for restaurants is highly recommendable in the scenario. 

A QR code menu not only offers better time management and faster ordering but also maintains the health safety of the customers. A digital menu provides a contactless ordering facility, easy table management, hygiene, and an overall hassle-free experience for the customers.

Customers can easily scan menu via QR codes, order foods faster, and also make contactless payments. This lets the customers experience a whole new world of digital dining.

Now, let us first understand what exactly is a digital menu or a QR code menu.

What Is a QR Code Menu?

The term ‘QR’ stands for ‘Quick Response’. It perfectly refers to the meaning of it. A QR code menu or a digital menu is a virtual form of the physical menu card. 

It is a square-shaped barcode that you can find in restaurants. Customers can simply scan the QR code and it takes them to a landing page where the restaurant menu will be shown. The landing page could be a website, a food ordering app, etc. 

Then customers can go through the restaurant menu, order foods from the list, and make contactless payments as well. It’s a completely contactless ordering experience. 

How to Scan a QR Code for Menu?

Keeping the risks of the Covid pandemic in mind, restaurant businesses should opt for safety measurements for the customers and opt for the changes accordingly. A digital restaurant menu can help in a really massive way to do that. Customers can scan digital menus via QR Code, order foods, book tables online, take contactless delivery of foods, and make online payments, all from their smartphones or other digital devices. 

The Qr menu is the best option to opt for while considering safety measurements for customers. A QR Code menu not only makes the ordering process more hygienic and safe, but it also saves a lot of time and makes the whole restaurant operation smoother and hassle-free. Via scanning the QR Code menu customers can see the restaurant menu digitally on their mobile or other devices, choose dishes accordingly, and enjoy contactless ordering.

To make it understandable for your customers, you can place a ‘How to scan a QR Code menu’ infographic at your restaurant as well.

Here is a small how-to guide on how customers can scan a QR code and order from the digital menu.

Easy Steps to Scan a QR Code for Menu WithYour Phone?

Customers can scan menu via QR code with their mobile in various processes. For Example – Camera App, Browser/App, Google Lens, etc.

  • Camera App

You can scan the QR code menu through your in-built mobile camera app. Face the camera towards the QR code and it will show you a notification on the screen. Clicking on that you will land on the restaurant’s digital menu.

  • Browser/App

You can also scan the QR code menu through your browser. There are many QR code scanners available online. Choose one of them and scan the QR code. Or you can also download and install a good QR code scanner app on your device and scan the QR code through it. It will take you straight to the landing page.

  • Google Lens

Google Lens is another great way to scan menu via QR code. Download and install the Google Lens app on your phone and face it to the QR code. It will scan the code and you can then check the digital menu of the restaurant.

Biggest Benefits of QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Now we have an overall idea of what a QR code menu or digital menu is and how to use them. Now, what exactly will this give us as benefits? Here we are going to take a look at the benefits of the QR menu for restaurants. 

1. Contactless Menu

In any restaurant, the menu card is always moving from this table to another. People are getting the menu one at a time, checking the list from it, and then ordering. It not only increases the overall timing but it comes with some health risks as well, keeping the pandemic in mind. So a digital menu would be a perfect solution to all of these. Customers can scan the menu on their phone and check it without hurry and order online from it.

2. Cost-Effective

The menu for any restaurant changes a lot with time. Sometimes it might be in their food items, sometimes in the pricing, etc. So printing a physical menu might cost the restaurant owner a lot every now and then. And it is a hectic task as well. A QR code menu puts an end to all of these. Just updating the changes in your digital menu is all that is required. 

3. Hygienic

As a digital restaurant menu doesn’t involve any physical contact with the menu card itself, it is highly safe and maintains contactless restaurant operations. So having a QR code restaurant menu is the thing that can attract more customers as they feel safe with it and it maintains the hygiene too.

4. Better User Experience

A digital menu for a restaurant gives an overall better user experience to the customer. A digital menu can be designed in an attractive way that customers will like more than a physical one. You can do many beneficial things with it like, to showcase your best sellers, your special offers, occasion-wise special menus, and many more. This gives the customers a wide array of choices and a customer-friendly atmosphere.

5. Speeds Up Table Turnover

In any business, turnover is the main objective. In a restaurant business, the main focus is to serve as many people as possible and earn the most. With the QR code menu, people won’t have to wait for their chances to order. They can start ordering as soon as they enter your restaurant. This speeds up the whole restaurant operations and helps in improving the turnover.

6. Integrate Food Images

A physical menu has a limited space to enlist all the details. So it is hard to show the food images with the items accordingly. But, in the case of a digital restaurant menu, you can design it with attractive food images for the items. Attractive food images can grab customers’ attention even more.

7. Lower the Errors

A QR code menu for restaurants lowers the errors during the ordering to a great extent. With a digital menu, customers are able to order themselves from their own devices, they are even able to see from the food images how the food will look. So, before ordering customers are well aware of what they are going to get. This improves the whole ordering system, making it more convenient and error-free. 

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